L.I.F.E. - the first open-air screening

[Mossuril, 6 July 2013] The very first L.I.F.E. screening of a movie in Mossuril was attended by some 100 people. They saw "A Ilha dos Espiritos" (2010) by Licinio Azevedo, about neighboring Moçambique Island - a small island with a great history. The film shows what the Mossuril cinema-viewers know and recognize: winding streets full of life, small palaces, churches, the massive fortress. A historian, a maritime archeologist, a fisherman, the "doorman" of the island, a dancer and many spirits play their role - much to the amusement of the viewers, who very much enjoy to see on the big screen what they have seen before in real life.

The Teran Foundation on behalf of L.I.F.E. is now establishing a routine of monthly screenings. This lobbying for film and cinema resonates well with authorities and the general public - an important part of the long-term development towards the first L.I.F.E. Film festival in August 2014.